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Our top 10

Cashing in your quality used gear at Music Go Round® is fast, easy and profitable. You’re just six simple steps away from a happy ending:

  1. Clean out that rehearsal studio, garage or basement!
  2. Load up your quality used musical gear and bring it to our store.
  3. Check in with a product expert to review what you have to sell or trade.
  4. While you check out the latest arrivals in the store, your product expert will review your items based on condition, brand and the store’s current stock levels.
  5. Your product expert will determine the value of your items and make you an offer or negotiate any trades or upgrades you desire.
  6. You walk out of the store with new gear, a check in your pocket or both!
  7. Of course, what sells in one location may not be a hot item somewhere else. Pricing will vary from city to city, but we will give you the best price we possibly can!

No appointment necessary.  Always a qualified buyer on duty.

Here are the top 10 items we're buying:

  1. Guitars (Electric and Acoustic)
  2. Amps (Combos and Acoustic)and drum hardware
  3. Guitar Effects and Accessories
  4. Cymbals
  5. Drums and Drum Hardware
  6. Microphones
  7. Keyboards
  8. Recording Gear
  9. Mixers (Small)
  10. Powered speakers